My name is


I am 11 years old and have always loved wearing bright coloured clothes and expressing who I am through fashion.

I am very talkative; however, can also be really shy which surprises a lot of people considering I like to wear bright clothes and stand out. This is why it is important to me to help others feel awesome in their own skin, as it’s not only about how you look but also about accepting your personality quirks and all!

A little about my business journey to date:

I was about 7 and a half years old when I came up with the idea for my legging business and I finally launched in June 2019 when I was 10. I knew that I wanted to make leggings that stood out and made you feel great about yourself when you wore them, they also had to be really soft and comfortable and of great quality. It has been a long process to get here; though I sure have learned a lot.

My mum and I are often asked a lot about how much of the business I created, or how much work I actually have done in the business. I can proudly say that I have been involved the whole way, which is probably why it took almost 2 years to launch. I am fortunate that my mum has had some experience in founding and running several successful businesses; though this was her first time in the fashion industry. I can say that we have both learned a lot of new things together. The main parts that I have been involved in are the samples and the feel of the leggings and the vision for the business and what it stands for. I think mum got a bit frustrated that I was being so picky but I really wanted the leggings to feel so comfy that kids can wear them all day and feel like they wouldn’t want to take them off and I can proudly say almost 2 yrs since we launched the number one thing we hear is that kids want to live in our leggings. I am so proud that kids and parents everywhere love our leggings. I don’t know all of the business terms for things yet, I have learned about pricing, tags, design, patterns, textiles, ordering, and margins, and most recently about customer service in our first pop-up store. I choose all the designs with the help of our lovely customers. I try to pack a lot of orders myself and my favorite part is adding personal notes to your purchases.

I appreciate all my customer's support in getting me this far in business and I hope to keep making awesome products in the future.

My business journey!

This was the day

I created a PowerPoint presentation
of the final 12 designs. The ones you
see on my shoulder didn’t make
the cut.

The smile says it all

Finally I am happy with the fit and
the feel of the leggings.

I love the Emoji leggings.

The best part about the owning my
own business is I get to wear the
leggings myself

Our first business donation

A happy day at Oli Wood as we sponsor our first 10 Bravery Buddies, we love what this charity does for kids with cancer.

Pacakging day

I was so excited that my packaging
and swing tags turned out amazing,
I am also wearing my mermaid
leggings in this picture.

My first photo shoot day with my closet friends,

This was a lot of fun!

Our first media feature

I was so honored that my favourite magazine "Total Girl" interviewed and featured us, by far one of the best days in business!

Space camp goal

The reason I started my business is so I could get to space camp in year 9, I cant wait! Here I am at space day at school.

We have amazing stockists

We are now stocked in stores Australia wide, checkout our stockists page to find out where.

Our 2nd Media feature

June 2021 News.com.au features an interview on my business, how grateful we are!

We turn one

Oli Wood turns one, phew it took a lot to get here!

Our first pop up store

We had our first Oli Wood pop up shop in a shopping center and got to meet lots of lovely customers.

Busy at work

I learnt a lot about customer service at our pop up shop. Do you think I am working hard or hardly working in this photo?

We now ship world wide

We now ship world wide and kids everywhere are wearing Oli Wood. I love seeing photos of kids in our leggings!

What is coming next

After 12 months of sampling we are about to launch swimwear, stay tuned!

My future business

Goals are

  • Help other kids who want to launch their own businesses.
  • To show more diversity in my photo shoots so every person feels represented.
  • To help empower people to feel good with who they are.
  • To add more sizes as we grow, who knows mums might even want bright leggings.
  • To employ people from diverse backgrounds to work with me.
  • To go plastic free.
  • To bring out other lines of clothes.
  • To contribute ongoing to charities.
  • I hope to see people everywhere wearing my leggings.
  • I want to pay for space camp in year nine.

5 fun facts about Oli

I love space and science and hope to go to space camp in year 9. I would love to work for NASA one day.

My favourite foods are
butter chicken, licorice
and avocado not all
together though yuck!

I am a bit tech obsessed
and love Roblox and anything
to do with computers.

I have a younger brother
Max who is 9, we are close in
age but I am still the
oldest lol.

One day I hope to own my own bright rainbow shop with lots of Oli Wood items, a happy place to visit.

bright clothes

I have often been asked to stop and
take pictures with people because
of my bright clothes

with tourists

This was me with some tourists
at the Melbourne show.

My brother

Max got sick of the pictures so he
covered his face ha!

Thank you for taking the time to read and for supporting my business. I hope to make the world a little brighter.

Oli x


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